Lowest WAF factor HA Software


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What HA software have Cocooners found to have the lowest WAF? I want something that my wife would also use (via the 15" wall-mounted LCD Touchscreen in our bedroom). Keep in mind the correlation of cost on the WAF ;)

Right now I have a combination of Insteon, basic-x10 and Smarthome-x10 (2-way and scene capable) controls througout our house. I also have the x-10 controller for our Honeywell alarm system (sends x-10/relay commands based on alarm/sensor events and schedules).

I'm only looking for basic functionality for now.
jeffx said:
What HA software have Cocooners found to have the lowest WAF?
Umm, I think you want something with a HIGH WAF, at least the way most of us use the term.

I suspect that anything that looks reasonably nice and straightforward on the touchscreen would get a good high WAF. HomeSeer with the touchpad interface (free) or the MainLobby interface (pay) would be obvious choices. I bet HAL has something that would work, but I am not a HAL user.

More than the brand of software; stability, predictability and minimal disruptions or changes makes for a better WAF for me. It always better work & look exactly like it used to, or I am in trouble. ;)
WAF - sorry, I have also seen this to represent "Wife Annoyance Factor"--so, yes, I'm looking for high approval/low annoyance. Thanks.