Lunar eclipse


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Did anyone take pictures? I took hundreds of them, playing around with my exposure settings etc. Unfortunately, there were many 'shooting stars', but was unable to capture them as I usually would be in a 16" exposure session pointing the other way :) Share your pictures! I will post mine later today.
Nothing but clouds here. The eclipse was "eclipsed" by them. Nice full moon when I drove to work this morning, though.
I love anything space related, heck I even own a piece of land on Mars (you can thank my wife for that one :)), I sat outside in my shorts on my new deck last night, in the cold for over 2 hours, just watching the sky with my cam (my telescope isn't that great and 'stable', so I didn't bother bringing it out), so guess I am into Astronomy, I just wish I had some nicer toys ;)
Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with last night's eclipse, but here's a picture of the moon from one time when I was out playing with my camera. It's not the best one I've got, but it's the only one I have here. This file has been jpeg'd twice so there are some artifacts and lost sharpness. A larger version of this was my Windows desktop image for a while.

This is from the camera (no telescope), but using an (effective) 600mm f/8 lens (300 f/4 with 2x teleconverter).


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nice picture, I only have a 10x zoom on my f/8 lens so eventho you can tell where the craters are, they aren't as detailed as your picture shows. That picture is actually what the moon looks like when watching it through my cheap telescope.
We were almost completely overcast, too. :-(

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well this is how the pics came out, they are unprocessed since compressing them would hide details and haven't had the time yet to touch them up. Most of them came out bad, due to a big mistake I made, I left the Image Stabilzation on (basically 3 gyroscopes spinning really fast), causing most of the long exposure pics to come out bad, but it's better than nothing, the next lunar eclipse won't be till sometime in 2007 :)
Cool pics. My father called me to remind me to go out and look. Unfortunatly, the rain coming down tended to get in my eyes and ruin up my vision. :)