Lusora Intelligent Sensory Architecture


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While searching the web, I found this ZigBee based product, which is a 'life alert' type system for seniors:

The Lusora Intelligent Sensory Architecture (LISA) is a sleek, wireless personal security system that leverages advanced technologies to safeguard your home and family. Employing ZigBee-compliant smart sensors, LISA’s mesh network senses changes in the home environment that may indicate an emergency. Lusora’s first two products, a light-switch camera and a personal alert device, are designed for people caring for seniors. These and other sensor devices can be programmed individually through a Web interface to monitor the unique habits of the people in the home.
Some wireless humor now.....

Imaging for a moment that you have some sort of condition that requires you to wear a wireless life alert device. The Hospital IT person shows up to install it. He attaches the device to your (whatever). You are watching over his shoulder as boots up his laptop, fires up Internet Explorer, and types in http://whatever. You ask what he is doing. He says "configuring your life alert device." He works for a bit then says "Oops, that was meant for the front door camera, did you feel anything?"