Lutron Introducing new IP Gateway for Caseta & Serena Products


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Lutron is releasing a new IP gateway with open API this summer that sounds like a cheaper ($200) version of the RadioRA2 Main Repeater since it supports remote control, scenes, and timeclock events.  It will be compatible with the low cost Caseta Dimmers available at several big box stores, Serena Shades available from the web, and the Honeywell clear connect thermostats.  In addition, new products such as a GE Smart Bulb with a built-in clear connect radio are in development.  However it seems that the gateway itself may only be sold through dealers.  The main advantage here over the Staples Connect Hub ($100) which also supports z-wave devices appears to be the open API which hopefully will be local like the other Lutron API interfaces and not require any cloud connectivity.  The main drawback is the limited number of available clear connect products that will be compatible with this gateway, at least at launch (no multi-button keypads, no sensors, no appliance modules, no low voltage interfaces).


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Interesting.  I had a feeling something was going on regarding their RF product lines.  That and I got the impression there was some gouging going on with regard to RA2 QS vs Serena shades and the tech behind them.  As in, it's the same stuff they were just charging considerably more for RA2 "integration".  As in, just a tweak in firmware but no changes in the actual hardware.  I despise when vendors pull that sort of shit and it ABSOLUTELY contributed to my delaying purchase of their products.  That and being totally fed-up with supplier nonsense for the new house (everyone BUT lutron, that is).  
So it'll be interesting to see what the numbers are like for this stuff vs QS shades.