Lutron Prewire?

Captain Caveman

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Okay so I presented options to a builder for lighting and he chose to go with UPB but wants to future proof the home for Lutron Homeworks hardwired lighting.

Can I simply pull cat5 from a central location to each light switch or will it be much more complicated than that?
I don't know about Lutron specifically because I can not find any wiring diagrams but if it uses homerun wiring then you could not use it once the house is wired traditionally. You would have to use one of the systems like EDT where it is traditionally wired PLUS cat5 and even then the Cat5 is daisy chained, not homerun.
If you do home runs of conduit to each switch you are set for anything. Just pull out the high voltage wire and replace it with cat-5 or fiber-optic or whatever.