Lutron RadioRA2 Integration with Leviton OP2


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I'm in the process of converting my lighting system to Lutron RadioRA2.  I understand the basic hardware integration and setup (units) which is working fine.  However, I would like to setup scenes on the Lutron side of things and then have my OP2 issue a single command to the Lutron system (vs having all of the scene code in the OP2 system).  I have setup virtual keypads on the Lutron software side and see that OP2 has Radio RA2 phantom buttons.  But trying to understand how best to integrate.  For example, if I have a 7 button virtual keypad in Radio RA2 (that executes a scene), then how to I activate those buttons from the OP2 side of things.  Thanks for any help as I maybe approaching this the wrong way.  SJ  
Just found you can program a key press (eg button 1) in the Leviton/HAI software for the Lutron virtual device.  Maybe don't use the Phantom buttons.  I will do some testing with that.