LV Cable supplier


I originally posted this under "Home Security" but thought this might be better. We need to find a new cable supplier. My requirements are that The cable has color jacket or stripe, 1M' box put-ups and a pull string.

Thanks for your help.

check They can usually get anything you're after. Contact Greg Greenwood. He'll bend over backwards for you.
First what kind of "Cable" do you need? Coax? Well you're not going to find one with a pull string. Cat5? Any "Good" cat5 is going to have a pull string. Security 22/4 22/2, to small for a pull srting.

There's a ton of distributors out there, I would suggest you find one either local or one that has free freight otherwise shippings going to kill you. When you start talking to them, ask if they have used the same vendor for a long time. Nothing like having a distributor switch suppliers in the middle and all or a sudden you got multiple vendors for the same wire. Talk about a pain in the ass.

Cheaper's not always better either.
Definitely try a local electrical supply house. Let them do the leg work on finding the cable you need and usually with a quantity commitment they will add it to local inventory. A lot of good wire companies deal exclusively with distributors. No lead times and no freight!