LyriQ whole house audio source input noise hum


I recently installed a 4 source 11 zone On-q whole house audio system in my house. I've connected a CD deck and an Ipod to On-q's single and triple source input devices with very good results. However, when I connect other devices like a TV, cable box, or a boom box using the same cables at the same location I get considerable noise, more like a hum (not sure if it is a 60 kHz noise or not). As I type this, the only variable I haven't looked at is checking whether the poor performing devices were plugged into a different outlet from the good performing devices when I was testing them.

I'm about ready to try a stereo balun or some other interconnect, but I wanted to see if anyone here had any thoughts first
I had a similar problem. Try a ground loop isolator from Rad Shack or elsewhere. Likely the cable box is grounded differently then the rest and is causing a ground loop.
while we are on the lyriq subject, lol, did anyone ever figure out how to hack into it? Its just about useless for home automation. there is a port on the dang thing so you would think it could be hacked into to allow mainlobby or convergent living or whatever to being to control what music goes to what zone.

if i cant find a fix for it, on-q lyriq will be installed no more.

Captain, well thats a good point, but sometimes cost is indeed an issue. But there are other reasons, one, relationships with vendors. We try to support those that support us. Two, ease. One tends to stick with what they have had success. Three, comfort. One tends to stick with what they are comfortable.

Its hard to deny On-Q's Lyriq is very easy, reasonable in price, tiny tiny learning curve, etc. But, if it doesnt meet the need of the customer, then all that doesnt matter and new avenues must be pursued. I have zero experience with Nuvo, nor have we ever been approached by Nuvo. We are in the process right now of setting up a relationship with Russound.

I havent decided yet in our model home/showroom if we want to offer more than one intercom system. While I think its a good idea to have choices for customers, sometimes too many choices make it more difficult for customers. But, I am leaning towards having two or three intercom choices and have them ALL installed and working in the model home.

Can you share your experience with Nuvo and why you prefer them? Thanks.
I think Ranger is right. Price is sometimes a very big concern, and with folks who are not getting any HA, but want some background music, the Abus systems are a good choice. The customer has to be clear though they will not be able to interface with these systems (at lest I've never seen anything with Elk/ML/CQC/etc) other than physically and IR. I think the moment there is talk about HVAC integration, lighting systems, etc the customer is better served with the entry level controllable products from Russound/Nuvo/Xantech.

Captain, well thats a good point, but sometimes cost is indeed an issue.

I based my opinion on your desire to integrate the house audio with Main Lobby, Convergent Living, etc. My assumption is that you want to do this for clients and want a professional product that has been manufactured to be integrated with.

Even if OnQ did release the specs what kind of discreet commands do you think you would get? I imagine you would have to toggle through the sources and power, not very cool from a home automation perspective. The same goes for controlling zones, on the remote supplied with the system there are no buttons that allow you to do this, only all on/off.

But I can see why you would want to hack Lyriq, because your probably like me and just want to do it :)
LOL, cave, so true!

What I would like to see from on-q is the ability, from a third party screen/package/solution, the ability to tell zone 1 to play X, zone 2 to play Y and zone 4 and 7 to play Z. But, not likely to happy, so you are right, it sucks for automation. SO, for those customers where cost is an issue, their options will be limite. They either need to pony up on some bucks, or be limited in their control.
I had a similar problem. Try a ground loop isolator from Rad Shack or elsewhere. Likely the cable box is grounded differently then the rest and is causing a ground loop.

Thanks! The "You've Got Questions, We've Got More" product worked. However, it decreased the volume level a bit too much. Are there other higher end isolators that would affect the signal less?

Why even bother with these type systems? Personally I would just install Nuvo or another like product, cost is really not that much more.

I actually wanted to use a Nuvo system, but the wife factor liked the looks of the LyriQ module better especially since we were using the On-Q intercom system. Unfortunately, I saw a news release that On-Q is coming out with a new intercom that can do calls to specific rooms, which is what my wife really wants; however, other than the news release I can't find out any info on the new intercom. Maybe it's just vaporware. If it they do come out with a new intercom system, I may have to put my 10 room system up for sale.