M-Audio Delta 410 PCI

Yes, it should be able to be controlled via MediaCenter for diff zones (10 channels give 5 stereo independent or synched zones - MC11beta). therefore, MusicLobby (MainLobby) and Netremote should be able to use it just fine. Not aware of a MediaCenter plugin for Homeseer that can function with zones.
I use this card with my NR Nowplaying project. It has 5 independent zones using JRMC 10 and the Delta 410 card. I control all my audio equipment via Homeseer using a Slink-e. Not sure what you need to control on the sound card. Each pair of channels can be assigned to a zone within JRMC.

Its good to see them get some back in stock. They are becoming harder to find at these prices and not many other choices around to do what this card can.