M1 and Insteon


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K... the Insteon config for M1 is not pretty... but it works... kinda. <_<

Clearly, having to re-enroll each switch manually starting at number on if there is any issue is NOT ideal. And enrolling three or four at a time is out of the question because when one doesn't enroll as expected, I have to default the XSP and start over unless I want the order spread all over the place. :D

The one part that's got me a bit confused is that the M1 is still transmitting the X10 codes for each light as if they were still there. Yes, it's controlling the Insteon switch through Insteon ('cause A1 does not control that light <_< ), but A1 on/off is still being transmitted to the powerline as well.

Can this be stopped?

Also, is it possible to see what lights are enrolled or not? I'm enrolling one light at a time, but if one doesn't seem to work yet the M1 thinks it did (gawd knows why), then the M1 slots the same light into the next slot as well. Not ideal. :unsure:

I've got about 50 Insteon lights. I can't get six of them to enroll and work because of the above issues. I keep having to start over when one doesn't "take" right. I can't imagine how long it'll take at this rate to get all 50 in. :(

I know about the issues that HomeSeer and others are having due to the SDM problems, but I don't see a SmartHome SDM involved here. What's the time-frame to get Insteon to a more usable state?
Clearly the Insteon enrollment and management with the M1 can be improved. I have a meeting with a software integrator at EHX that has a good Insteon management tool. I would like to be able to use it for Insteon management with the M1.
K... barring the new software coming out in the next week or so... :D

Is there a known way to back up the PLC? If so, at least I wouldn't have to start from scratch when a switch doesn't "take" on enrolling. :)

I just went to enroll the 17th device - had it all rolling so well the other night that I got 16 of them done. The 17th didn't take. Doesn't do anything. On a hunch, unplugged the PLC and plugged it back in (to 110). Re-enroll switch. It's #18! Seventeen doesn't do anything at all. :D


If I understand this all correctly, isn't the Elk "enrolling" from the PLC device, actually? Not really when the switch hits? Like it's telling the PLC to listen for devices linking when I turn on device 256 and polling all the slots from the PLC when I turn off device 256?

If so, can't I enroll things in the PLC from some other software then just pull the PLC back and plug it into the Elk?

If so, which software would work this way?

If not, is there at least something to "back up" the PLC at a given state so I don't have to start over if something goes awry on device 45? :D
I am building a house and will be installing Insteon and a n Elk, and have been wondering the same thing.

I have been experimenting with PowerHome software for managing Insteon links in a trial set-up and it works well although there is a short learining curve. I am hoping I can program ny serial controller on a PC using PowerHome, and then once I get it the way I want it, move it over to the Elk, and hope the controller retains its knowledge of all of my devices.

If I am not mistaken PowerHome has a 30 day trial period. You can find it at http://www.power-home.com/

If you decide to try it, please post your findings.

Thanks, Mike.

I installed PowerHome, but can't seem to understand how to log and create (and delete?) links in Insteon stuff. Is there some doc showing me where to look yet?
Look for phinsteon.rtf in the directory the program installed in. I had to read it several times to really grasp it. It will walk you through the process. I would say the documentation is still a little sparse, but Dave Howard (the author of the program) is VERY responsive. They have a message board on the Powerhome web site.

In short go to the PH Explorer (third Icon on the top tool bar with the big E), define yoiur controller, get the controller initiallized, and then get your insteon devices in there (the autodiscover feature works well). Once you it knows your Insteon devices you can start linking. It took me a little fiddling before it worked but now that it does, it is very nice.