M1 C1M1 connectivity problems


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Some searches here didn't turn up this particular problem AFAIK.
I'm bringing up a new M1 system with a C1M1 and want to use the USB link to set up the installer programming.
Unfortunately ElkRP2 won't connect with the M1 over USB even though the C1M1 utility can connect without any problem. Elk support says it won't work without establishing Telguard and Elklink accounts first. Really? Is that true?
Next I tried to use the LAN to connect over the C1M1 ethernet port. The C1M1 is set to use DHCP to automatically acquire an IP address but there is no evidence in the router that this is happening, although the link LEDs on both ends of the cable indicate that a link has been established. And since all the Network Configuration fields in the C1M1 utility are grayed out and not editable there is no way to assign a static IP to it. In this case also the Utility indicates the the LAN can connect but it won't connect from ElkRP2.
Arg. Not impressed with M1 so far. Curses to Leviton for killing HAI.
Guess I'll try the M1EXP but this problem has wasted hours of time and put me behind schedule.
Has anyone here found these issues before and discovered a workaround? Do you really have to establish Telguard and Elklink accounts first? I wanted to do that last since I may not want to use a different communicator anyway.