M1 control screw-down terminals for RS-232


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OK, I'm a purist. Did your M1 control come with screw-down terminals to screw-down the RS-232 9-pin connector? Mine did not so the 9-pin connector from the M1-XEP is just sitting in the socket.
You are quite correct. A complete No-No from a datacomm background. I made the same observation to Elk over a year ago. Guess they haven't fixed it yet..

I tied up the cable to provide some strain relief.
I noticed this myself. If this is the worst we can throw at Elk, with this crowd, I remain quite pleased...
Yes, please don't get me wrong. I *heart* the Elk's I install.

I'm waiting for the M1 Platinum where the XEP is onboard.. Of course, I'm also waiting for those touch screens, particularly the 10" that's been rumored.

My only beef is that Elk could use some more hands in the software dept.

Lots of great ideas are out there, but the pace of dev is a bit slow.

The email capabilities of the XEP are very rudimentary, no variable substitution, can't set the subject, nor priority to differentiate information from alarms. Rules are limited to send "Email #1" so you don't even know in Rules what message you're sending without a reference table to the XEP setup screen, etc.