M1 Counters - Reset with Power Down

I use a variety of counters in my M1 to track various maintenance tasks around the house (furnace filter change, hot tub filter and water change, etc). I track the number of days since I last did this task and then display a message on the keypad when the maintenance is due. Once I do the maintenance I run a task that resets the counter.

This works great until you power down the system and the counter values are reset to zero. Does anyone have a better way to accomplish this sort of thing?

I sent in an enhancement request to Elk to store the counters in non volatile memory. I don't know if this is a feasible change for them.

M1 Counters are in RAM memory and reset to 0 upon power up.

M1 Custom user settings are placed in EEProm Memory and do not reset upon power Up. You would have to set the custom user value from Keypad user menu 7 for the next maintenance. The value can be a count or date.
Thanks for the update. It would be nice to be able to update the custom user setting from within the rules and expand the types of values custom user settings can store. This would solve my problem of needing non volatile counters.

Just an idea.