M1 dialer timing issue


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While experimenting this weekend on an M1 hooked to a telephone simulator and zone input simulator, I dicovered a problem......but also a workaround.

The problem was that when creating an alarm, output 1 siren would cut off and go dead for about a minute and a half. I have the phone set up to voice notify. After experimenting a bit I realized that while the M1 was trying to dial, it had the siren voice (output 1) cut off and was using it for the telephone. But the call was taking forever to go out.....about 80 seconds to be exact.....a long time without a siren.

With the trusty butt-set, I was able to determine that the M1 was starting the dialing before the phone went off the hook. About 50% of the time the first digit was being dialed before the M1 got off the hook, so the call was not going through, but the second call would......thats why it took 80 seconds.

I read in the manual that in addition to numbers to dial, the M1 can delay the dial. I tried putting in some"//" and that was it.

With a couple of // in front of the telephone number fixed it. The M1 now consistantly dials and connects to the called telephone on the first try.

Spanky, it this a known problem? Could this be an explanation on why I have heard several complain about the interior alarm going dead? (including me).
Hey Sandpiper:

See this old thread that I just dug up for the same or a similar reason. I'll try your //'s to see if they will at least reduce the dead-time for output 1, until Spanky or someone weighs in on this. I'm not sure if he sees this forum as often as the main security/automation forums here.

I wish I would have seen this thread before last night. I have been using elk to dial my cell for several notifications, to ensure things were working like I expected before we move in. I have all the phone accounts disabled except my cell. Haven't ever armed the system except once. Last night I was working on my sprinkler problem (again) and I had the phone notification letting me know when the next relay was supposed to trip.
So at 9 pm, I had a visit from several of my friends in blue. 4 policemen in 2 cars arrive asking me what's going on. They say they got a strange 911 call from an automated system that they traced to my address. I was perplexed for a few seconds until I realized that I didn't receive one call I expected. Can anyone guess what the last 3 digits of my cell number is?? I wonder if you get 911 on the phone if you dial less than 7 digits and the last is 911 or if the elk started dialing before dial tone and only got out the last 3 digits. Any idea how many "//" I should insert to avoid this.
(By the way the police were very nice but were wondering why "Sprinkler relay 3 activated" was an emergency..... sod is expensive..)
Maybe I should change my cell number just in case,