M1 firmware upgrade

It has been scheduled for the week of November 27th, but final testing feedback could change the date.

I will post the availability on Cocoontech, so stay tuned!!
Currently, M1 Version 4.4.6 upgrade release and ELKRP upgrade is set for Wednesday Nov. 29th.

Of course everything is subject to change on a moments notice!!!! ;)
Is there a list of improvements?

Anything else on that pesky lights turning off with Insteon and the 2414S PLC? My WAF is dropping fast and seriously impacting my ability to convince her that I need more Switchlincs.


Is your situation that lights are turned off randomly but only if the ELK is connected to the PLC? Or if the Serial PLC is plugged in but the ELK not hooked up to it?

The only time I see lights turn off like that is because I have a rule that states if the system is armed away and its dark out to turn certian lights on for X amount of time depending on the day etc. Then if we come home late and disarm and the lights already on it will turn off after the X amount of time from when it came on even though we are home and disarmed at that point.
I dont have this problem but I also do not have any groups set up. Reading the threads it looks like everyone else has groups.
I believe what you are seeing is an echoed status signal from the M1. We are working on it.

I will publish a changes list when the software is released.
I'm not sure that it could be related to groups. I only have one group set up, the "default" group. I only have four switches total (wife won't let me buy any more until I figure out how to fix the ones I have installed). I am glad to hear that it is being worked on though. You know, not many companies are this responsive to their customers. I sure do appreciate that type of attention.
I **guess** I can wait until the firmware is released to hear what the changes are. **sigh** ;)
If anyone is having trouble downloading with either Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or IE 7 just rename the downloaded file with an exe at the end.