M1 software upgrade release


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ELK Products, Inc. has released its next M1 software upgrade, version 4.5.4 and 5.1.4. The upgrade software version 4.5.4 supports the GE NX RF receiver, while the 5.1.4 software upgrade supports the ELK M1XRF Receiver.

There is also an upgrade for the M1XRF2G Wireless Receiver to version 1.0.12, selected upgrades for the M1XSP, and a new ELKRP upgrade to version 1.6.22.

The release notes for each item explains what was changed.

Keep in mind that if you do not need one of the new features or issue resolutions, there is no need to upgrade. Upgrading from older M1 versions may require the EEProm memory to be erased, so make sure you have saved your M1 settings in ELKRP before upgrading.

If upgrading the ELKRP, the data will be moved out of the Program Files directory which is a Microsoft request and required for Vista.