M1 web interface


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Has anyone else experenced that the M1 web interface seems to not work with the latest Java updates? I am running Java standard edition 6 on my laptop and I can not see the interface. But with Java Standard edition 2 on my automation machine I can get into it...

The page loads on my laptop I can see the title load on the tab (IE 7) but it stays blank
Per your post, I just upgraded to Java version 6 on my PC and connected to the M1XEP with no problems.

What are you seeing on the connection?
Try clearing the Java cache by going to Control Panel, Java, temporary settings, delete files.
I noticed that it takes a lot longer to load since the latest Java release, but it still works for me as well on Vista.
I have 1.2.2 which the only fix I am aware of in 1.2.8 is the static IP for your ethernet modules. right? Should I load 1.2.8 ?