M1 X10 Problem


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I figured I ought to ask b4 I pull out my few remaining hairs. M1 jumper set to 2 way, 4 conductor straight RJ11 plugged in to control and PSC05. No devices react to either the keypad or rules. The light on PSC05 is on steady and flashes when commands sent but no devices react. Any ideas? :angry:
Are you getting a signal on the powerline? - Do you have a test meter? Perhaps the location where you installed the PSC05 has noise.
Thats it! Of course I never thought of the simple stuff. Since I don't have permanet power in the closet yet, the PSC05 was plugged into a power strip with the main ELK supply. I moved it to a different outlet and bingo. You can bet I won't be using that power strip! Thanks Martin. Now on to UPB...