M1-XEP Hourglass Icon

I am currently having a problem with the software in this module. I can use my password and "signon", however it gets locked up after displaying the M1 interface screen. I see the screen that allows for user control of the M1 but an hourglass icon will stay on forever and that renders the interface inoperable. I have reloaded the ELK-RP software, reloaded all of the modules software including the M1-EZ8. I have deleted and reloaded the most current version of Java. I have put my M1-EXP into the DMZ zone of my router.

Any help would be appreciated !!

Hi, Welcome to CocoonTech and the Elk club!

Ok, first basic hardware config. I assume you have the EZ8 with the EZ8MSI and the XEP is hooked to the MSI 232 port. It sounds like the IP is set correctly if you can get it from the Virtual Keypad, but are you using DHCP or Static IP? When in RP can you connect to the controller via Network (IP)? If you can and can access functions in the comtroller such as the Status page then at least the hardware and network part are probably ok and can be eliminated as problem.

Assuming all the above is ok then I guess you are running the Virtual Keypad on a pc. You said you have the latest Java version, what version is it? I am running Java 2 Version 1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_04-b05). Are you running IE and what version? So you enter the IP Addr of the XEP into the browser and you get promped for User Name and Password. Does it get past that and start loading Java and then says 'Establishing Secure Connection'? Do you get the 'Welcome to the M1' screen where you enter your user code? When you enter your code and click connect is that when it goes to hourglass before bringing up security screen? If you are having a problem in these last few steps I'm going to guess its an issue with your browser or Java as you are just accessing the Virtual Keypad (web server) in the XEP. If you have another PC or laptop you may want to try it from there to eliminate any browser or Java problem.

As another test, can you run the ElkRM software?
Good job Steve.

One other thing is to make sure ELKRP is disconnected. When ELKRP is connected all traffic to other devices connected or trying to connect to the M1EZ8 is suspended.

If you are getting past the rotating JAVA page, you are in to the M1XEP.

Also make sure that Globals 35 to 41 are turned on. Otherwise critical data from the M1EZ8 will not be fed to the M1XEP.
I checked and set the global settings. Still the same!!!!!

I make it to the sign in screen and then it goes to the security screen and
thats all she wrote. The hour glass icon stays on forever.

Also there is a reply to my post on the dealer bulletin board and this person is experiencing the same exact problem.

Make sure that your "Area Name" doesn't start with a space. The older XEP firmware exhibited that type of problem if the name started with the space character.
Thanks. I removed the blank space that was before the area name and it works like a charm. Today is my lucky day. :) :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :p :p :p :p :p