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I know I can run multiple M1DBH's in series but if I remove JP2 jumper from the main control can I run two branches of M1DBH's from the control? This Way I have one branch of multiple M1DBH's in series that takes care of the Main area where most of my devices are and another branch in a seperate location for those devices?
I would like to add a complaint. After troubleshooting for an hour why devices plugged into a second M1DBH feed from the first M1DBH where not enrolling, I found that the green Cat5 Patch Cable that is included with the M1DBH is NOT A CROSS OVER Cable per what the instruction request. After making my own cross over cable everything worked fine!.
Interesting information on the green patch cord!!

You can add multiple M1DBH's (data bus hub) to the system. As long as the data bus ends up in a series configuration, everything is cool.
You can have two branches, no problem. Terminate each M1DBH if you have two branches. The M1 would not be terminated with two M1DBH's.

You can also daisy chain M1DBH's.