M1G Area Partition, keypad and touchscreen


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I understand with the M1G you have a keypad assigned to each area partition.
I recalled my old NAPCO system you can arm/disarm different area partition using the same keypad. Can this be done with M1G?

how can you arm/disarm different area partition using ElkRM?

If the assumption is true that you have to have a keypad assigned to each area partition then is that also true with the new 7" touchscreen.

Look at Page 20 of The Elk Install Manual. It appears you can do temporary control of other partitions from a single keypad. You have some menus to navigate and its only active for 1 minute but it can be done.

As far as the TS, I'm guessing here but I guess if you run RM on the TS you will not have that capabilty since you don't have access to those menus, BUT if you run something like CQC or ML on the TS, assuming you can do that function via ascii then you should be able to code that functionality and even have a separate screen for each partition. Just not sure if that functionality is exposed in the protocol or if its a Keypad only function.

Edit: Ok, the partion info is exposed so you can do this on the TS using another SW app like CQC. The serial protocol specifies:

For Arm and Disarm messages the data field aLPDDDDDD consists of:
Example: 0D a1 1 003456 00 37
L = Arming Level. Range: 0 to 8.
0 = Disarm
1 = Armed Away
2 = Armed Stay
3 = Armed Stay Instant
4 = Armed Night
5 = Armed Night Instant
6 = Armed Vacation
7 = Arm to next Away Mode Version 4.2.8 or later
8 = Arm to next Stay Mode Version 4.2.8 or later
P = Partition or Area 1 to 8
DDDDDD = six digits for the User Code. If using four digits as the code length, precede
the code with 0’s, ex. 1234 would be 001234.

so you can see it is possible via serial so you can use anything running on the TS. In CQC specifically you simply pass the partition in the arm or disarm command. So you simply create an action and Invoke Command like:

ArmXXX : area, code
Disarm : area, code

Arm or disarm an area (1 to 8) using the passed user code. There are a set of arm commands, where the ArmXXX in the syntax above represents ArmAway, ArmStay, ArmStayInstant, ArmNight, ArmNightInstant, or ArmVaction.

So... If you ran CQC on the TS, you can do it any way you wish - have separate screens for each partition/area or just have additional arm/disarm buttons on the same screen for different partititons.

As for ElkRM, it is technically possible, just depends on if and when Elk decides to support that - that's a question for Chris or David.

Edit2: Ok, just looked at RM. It appears you can go into setup and switch kepads in there, so you should be able to go in and do that with RM as well. Just not as simple as like CQC since you probably need to change the keypad, save it and synchronize each time you change (I'm guessing), but it is possible. This is just theory since I have not tested it.
The ELKRM has the ability to reassign itself to any keypad. So, if a keypad is in a different area, it can be controlled.

User program menu "0" allows for arming and disarming any other area than what the keypad is assigned to.

A new feature coming out in the next M1 software upgrade allows for programming a function key to immediately go to the area arming screen.