M1G Central Station Communication


Now that my M1G system is near completion I am looking at monitoring. After reading many of the posts here, I am most likely going to switch from ADT to NextAlarm but I am waiting until the soon to be available direct IP monitoring is available to switch.

Internet connections (e.g. Verizon FIOS, cable) are not guaranteed to the extent that land line telephone service is and can have service outages. If the M1G is monitored by direct IP, is it capable of communicating via telephone line (mainly for an alarm conditions) should the internet connection go down for one reason or another?

I know I can use tradition telephone communication with NextAlarm but direct IP would provide a much greater level of communication detail from what I can see.

Thanks again for any input!
You can use IP as primary and telephone as backup or vice versa. There is also GSM cellular options.

With IP you have a supervised connection to the M1. If your IP connection is flakely, you will know every time it goes down.

The amount of data sent to the central monitoring station is the same whether telephone or IP.