M1G Communicater will not send Arm to CS


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I am using contact ID, and the system will not send ARM signals to the Central station. I can see that it is not picking up the line, as it does with DISARM. Any suggestions as to why?
Are you using the quick arm button like (Exit or Stay)? I have the same problem when using these Exit and Stay button, I have all the latest RP/firmware upgrade. I contact ELK tech support and they don't know why and I haven't back from them.

If I arm the system with a user code then no problem, the CS shows it correctly as armed.
Things to check in ELKRP:

Telephone number is programmed.
Dial format is programmed.
User Events (Openings/closings) report to central station is enabled.
Dial attempts have a positive number.
Account code is programmed for Area.

I recall fixing this problem recently because when pressing the Stay Key the user code being referenced was the Serial Number code settings which were disabled. If this is the case it will be available in the next M1 code release.

You might try programming a function key to auto arm in the Stay mode until a fix is released.
I got it working. Turns out you need to enable it for user 203. That is the user if you use quick ARM/Stay