M1G Serial port output


I've been testing sending and receiving data through the internal serial port. In addition to the output that I have programmed, I get additional data being sent every 30 seconds. Here's some example output.

temp 79
temp 79

I have the temp sent every 2 minutes. The other stuff appears every 30 seconds. Any idea what the other stuff is?

From the SDK:
Ethernet Module Test (XK)
If the M1XEP Ethernet Module has been enrolled into the system during the module enrollment process using Installer Programming Menu 1, the “XK†command will be sent every 30 seconds to make sure the Ethernet Module is still active. Should an “AT†or “AR†command be sent, the 30 second time interval will start over. The Ethernet Module must reply with the “xk†command within 70 seconds or an “Ethernet Trouble†message will be displayed and logged. This allows for 1 transmission miss.

I have the same problem, but I don't have the Ethernet module.

As for the temperature, there is no need to force a reading, the Elk M1 will automatically send an update whenever the temperature changes.
I don't have the ethernet module, and I don't recall changing anything from default.

I was using the temperature display as a test for sending something out the serial port, which works fine. I just found the serial communication spec on the ELK website, so I'll being trying that when I get some time.

if you need help figuring this stuff out, check out the my.Elk script I posted in the Home Automation download subforum. It's vbscript, so it's easy to understand.
I suggest you download the ASCII Protocol Document from the M1 section of www.elkproducts.com website. It explains the serial protocol. Under Global 35 to 42 automatic transmissions of data can be enabled and disabled.

There is alot of data available on the RS-232 Port 0 data bus.

Note: When deciding if a data bus command is valid, do not use the length as part of the validation of the command. The length bytes may change as add new data is added to the strings. Any new data will be added to the end of the existing strings, before the CRC value.