M1KP not accepting code during 30 sec re-entry period, unless alarm sounds off?


M1G Hardware version .13, Boot Version 3.3.6, Firmware Ver 5.2.8
M1KP Hardware version 010, Boot Version 3.0.14, Firmware Ver 2.1.48
M1XRF2H Hardware version 4.1, Boot Version 1.0.0, Firmware Ver 0.9.8
M1XEP Hardware version 1.0, Boot Version 1.2.0, Firmware Ver 1.3.28

When I re enter my home after setting it to away mode my keypad will beep continuously and start the 30 second count down.

I enter my 4 digit code which shows up as asterisk... nothing. I can enter my wife's code... nothing. I can enter a temporary code... nothing.

They keypad will show asterisk and not disarm the system until the alarm is blaring loud and active. Once that happens any of the above mentioned codes will disarm the system.

The only way I can keep the system from going into alarm is by using my Honeywell 5834-4en keyfob. Both mine and my wife's have the respective codes entered. Why wont the alarm acknowledge them during the count down period?

I'm trying to setup a code and test it for the maid but dont want her setting off false alarms trying to deactivate the system?? Any suggestions?
I'd look at # of wrong keypad presses in RP G11-G12 as a start, sounds like there's a value in there and locking out. Also check the obvious, such as addressing and termination of the bus.

I doubt it's a software issue highly.