M1XEP and dlink...


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My M1XEP was working fine till I decided to change the router. Now I can see that the new router has assigned an IP address to the ELK mac and I think IP add before the change was

So in the router config I reserverd this IP for the M1XEP and theyed the same in the setup and ELKRP cannot find it. Reenrolled it and opened all the ports mentioned in the troubleshooting guide and still ELKRP cannot find it. I also tried DHCP assiging an ip but nothing.

Please HELP.

Sorry but how do I restart. I did poweroff and power on. The weird thing is that I can see it connected to my router. Mac address and ip address but elkrp cannot find it.

Also, all the ping request timeout and there is no response.

Please help.

Thats a good time to do a search here or RTFM ;) . There are several threads around on troubleshoouting XEP problems - search for XEP in the google search. You can also force known values as described on bottom of page 23 in the manual.
Thanks Steve...did that I am going to do the search and see what comes up...however, if you read this, I have doen the steps on page 23. I unplugged the XEP and It is set to gets its own ip address...which it does everytime I unplug it and connect it back.

I type that address in the RP and nothing. I am lost...it was working fine and it was such an easy setup till I changed the router and now even going back to the old router it is the not seeing it.