M1XEP monitoring errors


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I recently set up my Elk for monitoring by Alarm Relay using IP with the M1XEP. Ever since then, when I talk to my panel with RP, even if I just connect, download the log, and disconnect, they get notified and tell me they received a "Transmitter Unencrypted" signal. The only entries in my log are for 1363 remote programming, and 1364 remote programming ends. So I think possibly one of those is being reported and their system is just giving it an odd name.

In the System RCs, I have a set the pulse code to zero for Local programming begin, local programming end, and remote programming end. There is no place to control reporting of remote programming. My elk firmware says it is 5.2.6 and my M1XEP is 1.3.26.

Any suggestions on what this is about and how to address it?

Separately: alarm relay had me check the "supervise connection" box and said the interval could be whatever I wanted, and I initially left it at 30 seconds. I changed my ping interval from every 30 seconds to every 180, and a few hours later alarm relay called with "communications trouble" and my log had a pair 1383 ethernet trouble"/"1384 ethernet restore. So I changed it back to 30 seconds... Maybe they don't monitor if pings reach them, but apparently the elk monitors its own pinging, and notices if it can't ping them, and will generate and report trouble if enough time passes without a successful ping. So pinging frequently might lead to fewer errors, not more. But in all cases, the trouble report happens only if the box can talk to them. So it seems kind of useless: it might better to ask them to ignore that signal, and then check my logs for it occasionally instead?
I have had simliar experiences with the Elk M1 and Alarm Relay and raised simliar questions. See http://www.cocoontech.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19124

I sent detailed information to both Elk M1 and Alarm Relay. I have have not received a response from either company.

On a positive note, my alarm triggered and the police showed up. :)