M1XEP Virtual Keypad


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Ideas needed.

When I view the M1 vitual keypad on the Elk site, I can arm and dis-arm the system and the "Ready" and "Armed" status indicators respond (turn the proper colors etc) as you would expect.

When I point my web browser at my M1, java loads (like it does for the Elk demo), I log in (I have not set any passwords, so everything is still as it came from Elk...ie 3456) and things appear to work.... EXCEPT when I arm the system from the virtual keypad.

After is arms, 3456 does not dis-arm the system. Additionally, the red "Armed" status indicator does not come on.

While the Security page doesn't seem to respond for me, the lighting page works OK (so it seems that I can still talk to the M1XEP). Hitting refresh on the Security page does not seem to help.

I verfied that I am running the latest java, and using IE (with lastest win XP updates). I am running the latest M1XEP firmware as well. Ideas? What am I doing wrong?
Not sure if it affects security or not, but did you click on the 'Synchronize' button as pointed out in another post? I know when I first used it things were weird until I did that and things have been fine since. Don't remember the specifics because it has been a little while...
Make sure you have Global options 35 to 42 turned ON, otherwise the M1 does not send out the serial arming status to the M1XEP.
Thanks Spanky. You pointed me in the right direction. Global 40 was not checked (the rest were). Works 100% now!!!