M1XIN LED Blink Rate Question


I have an M1 with 3 M1XIN expanders, 4 M1XSP's and an M1XEP . The system works fine without com errors. I just noticed a difference in the orange status LED blink rate between the M1XIN boards. Two of the boards blink at approximately 2 second intervals with a single blink. The third board has 6 rapid blinks and then about a 2 second pause. The only difference I see is that the M1XIN that blinks rapidly has 12 fire & CO zones - none of the other boards has any fire zones. I am curious if anyone knows the reason for the difference in the LED blink rate. I could not find any reference to this on CT or in the manuals.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
6 blinks means address in use.
Check your switch settings.
The LED info is right on the circuit board.
gatchel, thanks for the info! That solved the problem. Actually I had not duplicated an address but rather skipped an address. The 3 M1XIN's were set to data addresses 2,3 and 5.
Spanky, all the units were enrolled and working correctly even with the fast blink rate on the 3rd expander. As soon as I changed the last M1XIN to address 4 instead of 5, the blink rate corrected itself and I did not need re-enroll the unit. All 3 expanders have been tested and continue to work correctly.