M1XRF2G Set Up


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I have an ELK M1XRF2G on order. Does anyone know if it is possible to attach a 9 volt battery to the receiver, with no connection to the M1, and test its effective range with an un-enrolled GE crystal transmitter? I would like to find the ultimate mounting location by moving it around and observing the LED's before committing to a mounting location or actually attaching it to the M1.
I don't know, but you can always just tether it with a long piece of 22/4 and move it around. I often test PIRs and stuff that way before mounting.
My main concern was whether the receiver would function enough to let me know it was receiving a signal without being enrolled on the M1 bus.
I would guess that it would not and give you an error indication instead. If Spanky does not confirm this I can try it for you.
I would appreciate that. What I'm looking for is whether a 9 volt battery will power it. And, if you press a GE crystal transmitter does the RF LED light. That should give me enough information about proper location.
Never tried doing that, but the low voltage detect circuit might hold the processor in reset at 8.5 volts or there abouts.

Use a 12 volt battery and the bottom LED should blink every time it decodes a valid GE/ITI RF transmitter.
Thanks Spanky. I can run 12 volts to it. I was just looking for more portability with the 9 volt battery. As long as I can see the RF LED light when a signal is received, I should be in business.
Where did you order it. I am an end user and would like to order it but can't seem to find any retailers who carry it yet. Preferebly west coast.
I buy from Richardson/Burtek Electronics. I am also on the west coast. Unfortunately, Burtek is being purchased by ADI and ADI will not sell ELK products. PM me and maybe I can help you find what you are looking for.

I would check with Martin or Bill at Automated Outlet. I am sure they could lead you in the right direction.
FYI, the ELK M1XRF2G came in last week. I haven't had a chance to test it yet.


A 9 volt battery will not power the receiver.
I did my preliminary testing and I am getting over 200' range through multiple 12" thick concrete walls with metal ceiling and roof. This receiver looks very promising.