M1XSP Software Update


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The ELK Products M1 Dealer Website has a new software upgrade for the Elk-M1XSP Serial Expander Firmware - Version 1.0.16.

This software has several enhancements for UPB and other devices. The particuliars will be in the release notes available after January 9th,

There will be an alternate software download for Insteon which is in final testing and available in the next week or so.
Damn, now that Elk is finally supporting Insteon I've got no more excuses keeping me from spending more money.

Thanks a lot Spanky. My wallet appreciates it. :(
That's just sick. As if there weren't enough toys to play with when it was just X-10.

So much to play with and never enough money!
That's great news Spanky. I was just thinking the other day 'I need to order another serial expander as the Insteon support will come out soon'.