M1XSP + W800RF worth it?


is it worth it to by the elk serial expander JUST for the ability to use the W800RF? I have a bunch of wireless X10 motion detector and keypads - many of which don't work correctly because the range sucks.

However, I'm not going to the be using the serial expander for anything but the W800RF - should I get that or the V572A (is it much more of a delay going through the powerline versus going straight to the elk?)

I don't have my W800 hooked directly into my Elk because I use HomeSeer and connect the W800 to the HS box. But I can tell you that using powerline for relaying X10 RF is just awful. Very unreliable in my experience. X10 RF directly to the W800 and then directly into whatever you're using for control (HS box, Elk, whatever) is darn near flawless for me.
Yes it's worth it, there are so many benefits. I would avoid the powerline as well.