Magnetic Lock Override?


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I'm installing 3 Mag locks which I plan on controlling via an Elk M1.

I'm going to have Request to Exit PIRs on each of the doors, but I'm worried about malfunction/emergency situations.

I was planning on routing the 12v power through some NC switches and mounting them near the doors such that you could hold them down and push the door open at the same time if the Request to Exit failed.

Does this sound like the way to go, or should I be doing this differently?

We use the exact setup you are describing on our exit doors. A motion detector picks up the person approaching the door and opens the maglock. We have an emergency Normally Closed push button switch next to the door that opens the door when pushed. We also use a prox reader on the outside to allow controlled access through the door. The M1 handles all the access and timing required.

Make sure you use a sensitive, single pulse count motion detector. Sometimes our motion detector is slow to respond if you are wearing a heavy coat that masks your body heat. My nose has hit the door more than once! <_<
Depending on the situation you would be better installing a Locknetics 671 or 672 panic bar or similar on the door. Use the motion to shunt an alarm if needed. Here's why:

1. Having a panic bar on the door requires no special knowledge. People are accustomed to pushing a panic and in an event you can basically fall into the door and unlock it.

2. In an office type environment you walk up to the door and unlock the door without realizing it. If the disgruntled employee were dresssed as the UPS man and you walked up to the door he/she is in. Pressing the bar means you really want to let the person in.

3. You won'thit your nose because you have to use your body on the panic bar...

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the input gentlemen.

I don't think the WAF would be too high on some shiny bars installed over her newly stained and finished doors... <_<

What about fail safe locks and an unlock process for fire alarms..ect.

Add in your NC switch atop the door to further get it safe, add a normal deadbolt to keep it secure in a power failure situation.