Mail Error!


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The last couple of times I've posted I've gotten this message:
  • Mail Error!

    SMTP protocol failure!
    Return Code:
    Return Msg:
    Invision Power Board Error: Could not open a socket to the SMTP server
    Check your SMTP settings from the admin control panel
It appears that the posts go through when I go back ancd check the thread, but I thought this error was strange. Is this on my end or your end?

Also, I tried to post this in the "Feedback" forum, but was told I did not have permission to start a thread there.
I fixed the feedback forum issue, sorry about that. Not sure why you would get that error, since it should be on my end (it's my smtp server), but if my smtp didn't work, then you wouldn't get that error. Strange, will check into it. Thanks!

edit: after submitting this post, I got the same error, looks like my ISP mail server is having issues, I pointed it to a faster server, everything should be fine now.
it seems to happen when my connection is saturated, I Will have to change the mail method to a queueing system, thanks for reminding me, I just saw this error a few days ago too, but forgot about it.