MainLobby 2.85 Released [Free Upgrade]


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MainLobby Version 2.85 is now available with some great new features.
Users may log in and download.

This is yet another free upgrade for existing users... Note: Over 2 years straight without any upgrade fee's for MainLobby users.

MainLobby 2.85 Update Log

Installation instructions: Just install into your existing Cinemar folder. We always recommend backing up that folder prior to installation just in case.

Updated Files:
All Licensed libraries will require an update to support features of MainLobby 2.85

Added: Custom Global (All Library Objects) and Local (Library Object independent) OFF STATE VALUES
Added: Delete Button on ML Menu Bar (Must be in Design Mode and select button - then press Delete)
Added: Most fields will allow & and + symbol to be saved with Scene (not all fields yet)
Added: MLCmd - SetVariable, then put var~value in the var field (this is client independent (local) and not a global variable)
Added: Within an MLServeCmd the user can specify a local variable using brackets [[variable]]
Added: Tint and Alpha On/Off State Levels have numeric display instead of only slider
Added: Label field now supports nested variables: {{cav66_c1z{{cycle[[clientname]]zones_data}}_state}}
Added: Football field slider to Library
Fixed: Text.Singleline outline when selected now scales with field
Fixed: Reload jpg files can now be loaded into Overlay Scene
Changed: JPG Reload now loads 2 images to prevent flicker if possible when reloading
Changed: Label field now requires brackets around clientname: ie [[clientname]]
Note: {{clientname}} still required when sending in MLServeCmd line but may change in future
Changed: Remove Button no longer available from ML Menu Bar
Looks great, thanks for the update! I look forward to my first touch screen, I have been wanting to install this for a while.
MainLobby 2.85a Update Log

Updated Files:
> mainlobby.exe
> Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf

> Fixed: {{value}} now works in Overlays when using Sliders
ie: MLServeCMD.Macro|SetVariable|mlhsplugin_z14_value~{{value}}!MLHSPlugin|HS_ExecX10:z14~DDIM~{{value}}
> Fixed: Reverted LiquidCrystal Font back to original
> Added: Ability to support foreign characters

Mario Cascio
Cinemar, Inc.

Come on...drop the purse and pick up the weights as we say in the gym. :)

This new updated serial plugin might come in handy and push you over the fence.

There's a revised MLGenericSerial available online:

This plug-in allows 2-way communication via ASCII or HEX with multiple serial-based equipment. It also supports the ability to react to received events with MLServer commands.

To Install

1. STOP MLServer
2. If you have the old MLGenericSerial.DLL file then unregister it (RegSvr32 MLGenericSerial.dll /u)
3. Copy/Overwrite the MLGenericSerial.dll to your MLServer\Plugin folder
4. Register MLGenericSerial.dll (RegSvr32 MLGenericSerial.dll)
5. Copy the GenericSerial.XML file to you MLServer\Data folder

Start up MLServer and do settings on MLGeneric serial. It is important to verify if the new
system kept all the information from the old MLGenericSerial. System no longer uses the serial_mapping.mdb
file but instead will create a MyConfig.XML file in the data folder.

Any comments or requests can be sent to [email protected]

Current Revision: RC1.A
- To be tested: Multiple devices
- To be tested: Complicated and large HEX protocol. This would be more about testing my saving and loading of
binary data from XML files. Involves a lot of Base64 encode/decode.
- To be tested: Learn Command in the Commands popup. I wanted to give you guys the capability of teaching the
plugin new commands. This means as a user you can have it listen to the output from the hardware and create the
signature of your command.
- To be Coded: Haven't yet coded the COMMAND testing. I will do that soon and send over a new version. Shouldn't
have any effect on the actual pluggin

Protocol Definition

The MLGenericSerial plugin only has one command it understands, SEND. It can take up to 2 paramaters

Parameter 1 => Command to send to the SerialPort
Parameter 2 => DeviceName or Number (same as tabs **tab1 = 1, tab2 = 2) to send the command to

Eg: MLGenericSerial|Send~Start~Device4
This command will send "Start" to the 4th device
This command can also be represented like so
** MLGenericSerial|Send~Start~4

Additional Info:

The plugin will create a log file (same folder as the dll file) that will contain additional information that might be useful during debugging. An example of such information is with the learn command. The learn command will listen to the port and just append whatever is being sent to it by the hardware. It will in
, in the background, log every value and ascii of each character received. This will allow you to figure out the protocol of whatever it is you're trying to learn.
MainLobby 2.86 Released [ Free Update ]

MainLobby 2.86 Update Log

Updated Files:

New Files:
Library\Library0014.swf (Now available - )

Added: Code to support Library0013 thru Library0020
Added: Toshiba IKWB01A image to Component Library
Added: Samsung 6163W image to Component Library
Added: Z-Order selects item in list (holding highlights object)
Added: Z-Order shows which graphic is currently selected
Added: Pressing Z-Order automatically puts ML into Design Mode
Added: documentation folder
Fixed: Buttons in OVerlay were launching Application field from Main Scene (Fixes: Web, File, Batchfile, Sound)
Fixed: Z-Order wasn't moving Local Off State
Fixed: Rotation problem when pressing Cancel in Button Properties Panel
Fixed: Monitor.TurnOn and Monitor.TurnOff MLCmd's
Fixed: Highlight around objects when selected now displays properly when object is scaled or rotated
Changed: Renamed Waciconnect.swf to prevent loading unless necessary (WACI Users will need to rename back to waciconnect.swf)
Changed: Removed Girder and Slinke References from Options Panel

Please read the following thread regarding changes

This update is free. Just login to your user account and download.
Product: GuiGraphix Library 0014

With the introduction of GuiGraphix Library 0014 - Cinemar continues its long standing tradition of creating the best looking control interfaces.

Over 90 graphics are included in this Library. Most of them take full advantage of MainLobby's ability to tint graphics. So you can match the graphics to your background.

This Library is the perfect compliment for Russound, HomeSeer, HAL and Elk-M1 users. As you look through the Library you'll find a variety of buttons, sliders, meters, elements, borders and even an animated radar screen to simulate a motion detector. Be sure to also check out the animated Ceiling Fan!

You'll have everything you need to create lighting, thermostat, security, transport control scenes and much more.

Library 0014 is a MUST have for every MainLobby user.
And at less than a dollar per graphic, it's a steal.

As a bonus, Library 0014 also includes:
> Over 90 Graphics
> 8 New Background Skins
> Over 40 predesigned and linked Scenes





mcascio said:
This Library is the perfect compliment for Russound, HomeSeer, HAL and Elk-M1 users.
Is the Elk support released yet? I looked around the website and couldn't find anything. Is the Elk support built in or via a plugin or a library or what? What do I need to get started?

I don't want to speak for Mario but I think he is using Mark's Homeseer Plugin for the Elk and using the MLHSPlugin to interface that with Main Lobby.
Actually, I've been using our Cinemar plugin for the past several months. It's been completely stable thus far. I was initially using the HS plugin version.

I'm hoping to find out from Dave P. as to whether the Elk plugin license system is ready or not.

If not, I'm hoping we can release a timed trial. I know there are a lot of users anxious to get their hands on it.
Elk has generated a lot of buzz - and based on my experience will continue too.

We're working with their touchscreen vendor to find ways to get MainLobby running on their 5" color touchscreens. They should be fairly affordable too.
Not to get this thread to far off track Mario, but if you are in contact with the Elk developers, get them to create an interface from one of their serial lines so the Elk can receive signals from the W800 RF Receiver directly! This would really be something. Think about it, DSA-10 wireless implementation in a bullet proof security system. Plus the automation that would NOT have to rely on a PC (just use the PC for things like Main Lobby, Emailing, and such).
Product: MLTVLobby Plugin
Version: 1.5.1
Release Date: 05/09/05

We have an update available to the MLTVLobby Plugin to support <<CHANNEL4>> (4-digit channels).

The new install routine allows you to select just the plugin. (The user interface for MainLobby has not changed).

Please login from the Cinemar website to download TVLobby.
This update will not erase your TV.mdb file in your MLServer\data folder.