MainLobby 3 is out with HA?


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I just read the following at

Brand new with MainLobby Server 3 is full automation capability including timed / reoccurring / conditional and on-event control capability. Turn your lights on 10 minutes before sunset. Send a command to shut your spinkler zone off when someone is walking up the driveway (additional hardware / software required). The list is huge on what you can now do with the MainLobby 3 Suite!

1. How much home automation ability did MainLobby have before? From my understanding it didn't have any and people used Main Lobby for a front end to HomeSeer.

2. Does anyone have any more information on Main Lobby's new "full automation capability"?

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They have implemented a basic rules system. Not something that would entice me to drop the use of Homeseer, Its not even close to HS.
There was always automation capability in MainLobby since the introduction of MLServer. This opened the door for macro based commands and if / then processing. Windows scripting and user developed plugins was also introduced.

MLServer 3 implements a full rules engine with time of day, reocurring, conditional, macros, command maps, interaction across plugins and supported 3rd party software. If you are not a software developer, this is pretty much what you need to cover the great majority of automation needs.

Homeseer does provide additional capability, and that is where the MLHSPlugin comes in to allow you to add what Homeseer is capable of including Speech processing. Same goes for HAL, BTW.

If you are not using a VR based system, then MLServer 3 probably does what you need it to do.

The realistic needs of automating one's house is covered in MLServer 3. Homeseer and HAL then cover pretty much anything you can think of. So if you are a DIY'r and wanting to stretch the boundries, you have the tools do do that.