Make a Night Vision Camera for around $12


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I ran across this last night, and though some of you guys might find this interesting. It is a "How To" to turn any ole' cheapie web cam into a Night Vision camera.

Here is the link.

I have a couple old crappy web cams in a box around here somehwere, I am gonna have to give this a try.
I wish I still had access to the stuff when I was in the Army. I had IR Headlights on the front of my tank. The were used for the circa 1960's IR night vision in the tank, and they looked like a standard sized headlight, but was strictly IR. Screw the little IR emmiters, I would immagine that sucker could illuminate a football field for a Night Vision Camera! ;)
Don't they sell IR floodlight bulbs now? I am pretty sure I saw LED based floodlights, so shouldn't be too hard to come up with something like that.