thinking about a frogger interface in case some Q$%$ decides to cross the street while there is too much traffic lol
Speaking of playing MAME games on the MCE, what would make for a good joystick choice conisdering that you'd be on the couch and your MCE over by the TV? I don't think a joystick cable would be long enough to reach.
what kind of distance are we talking about? You probably could use a compact usb hub to 'extend' the connection if your joystick is USB based. If it uses the gameport, then I would look at those gameport extension cables.
Treetop said:

Looks pretty neat. Definitely easier than configuring myHTPC and the .my files.

Edit: LOL... can someone please fix the title... I really need spell checker :blink:
:unsure: There is newer version of this interface now, even slicker with jukebox music while you sift thru your game list! two thumbs up!
I just installed this a few weeks ago, but ran into some issues, will have to try it again, hopefully it will work, it looks really cool.
THANK YOU for this thread! WoW! I just installed mameMCE on the MCE box, Woah! TOO slick! I now have over 1,400 games available on the TV! This is a VERY slick interface, and I just cant say enough about it! It is like a trip down memory lane going throuh all the games, and being able to play them again.

MAMEmce is pretty kewl, as it does not actually "insert itself" in MCE at all. It, when selected, shuts down MCE, and just brings up an interface that emulates the look and feel of MCE. When you exit it, it just fires MCE back up again.

Now, to get control of it in a better manner than my wireless keyboard ;) I am looking at getting a couple of wireless game controllers for the pc, similar to the PS2 controllers. Logitec makes a decent one for around $35. Next is to figgure out how to map the controls, to keys on the keyboard that MAME uses, -vs- the default "joystick" operations that other games natively look for. Any suggestions on this one?
I guess I will have to try this again, ater running into stability issues last time, I gave up, but I really want to play some of the games I used to have on tape lol.
I haven't looked at it, but if it launches independent of MCE and just mimics MCE - can it be run on a XPPro machine - without MCE?
I was thinking of doing a MAME32 launch using DVDLobby (MainLobby). I know that Dan of Cinemar built a MAME catalog / launch app a long time ago, but never released it. Not sure if he finished it or not. Maybe I will give this a shot as an interm solution...