Man has it been hot.

Very nice web page Rupp!

As far as hot, everything is relative, I'm looking forward to this week as we are cooling down a bit! :D :D


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These are our highs for August and it was the same in June.
102.0, 88.9, 101.7, 101.5, 99.6, 98.9, 99.6, 98.9,100.7, 102, 100.8, 100.3

We've been averaging a heat index of 110-112 during the day with a record of 118.4 last Friday. This is about 10-15 degrees hotter than normal. Thanks goodness it was "relatively dry" or we would have died.

We finally got some rain over the week end and on Friday night we had a bad thunderstorm with an 88.5 mph gust. Needless to say we had trees down in the area but it was worth it to finally get some rain.
Yes, you east coast people have had some pretty large storms this year. We have been very lucky, our weather is pretty much the same here and no major storms.
Wow that's hot !

I had to wear a jacket until about 9am yesterday for my golf game.

Started out about 57 and warmed up to the 70's later in the day.

Only place I hit 90 yesterday was the hole on the eighteenth green !

Newmarket Ontario