Manual for Elk RP software?

I'm wondering if somehow I've missed a manual for the Elk RP software. I've watched the training videos and read the M1G manuals multiple times, but I still have some confusion about some of the setup and programming options in the RP software.

This is just a "for example".... Is there a document that would tell me what exactly "05 Burglar Interior Follower" means?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to reference the M1 installation manual which will explain each zone definition types.
Like Spanky said, there is nothing in ElkRP that can't be done via the keypad save maybe the M1XEP setup, but that is documented in the M1XEP manual.

The M1 Installation manual has a table that explains zone types, but it is a little difficult to soak it all in without examples. A Burglar Interior Follower is used for zones around an Entry/Exit zone. It would be used, for example, on a motion detector in the entryway that would be triggered before you can disarm the system via the keypad.
Bah. Thanks Spanky. I think I'm guilty of skipping over much of the keypad programming section as I knew I'd be doing everything from the RP/Ethernet connection. I'll review mightily.