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Last night I had the opportunity to meet a great bunch of guys. I never realized how many important people were right from my home town. Big names such as JLehnert, dkindred, HINTONTOWERS, Rick Tinker, Tom Kern, and many more.

I arrived 2 hours late but was told that I had not missed much. I think I caught the tail end of Ricks HS 2.0 demostration but the little bit that I did catch led me to think that HS 2.0 is going to be well worth the price that they are setting. Even though it has been said that there will not be any new features I think they are just saying that so that when its actually released people are not let down. In other words there are a ton of new features but many of them are minor.

My favorite new feature is the re working of the Z-wave Drivers. Z-wave is now multithreaded and also uses a seperate thread for controlling and polling. So if an event is executed while the devices are still polling HS will not get hung up like it does today. It will seem like both are happening at the same time.

From the web interface there is a page where you can view all the current threads. This should help up manage your setup and give you a better understanding of what actually taking place and any given time.

One thing that Tom Kern had to display was the use of an XBox Mod chip. The Mod chip allowed him to run what he called a "Media Center" interface and he was able to organize his media and browse through it with his xbox controller and his Xbox DVD controller. I think he said he was stroring his media on 2 - 250g hard drives. The quality of the movies were excelent. I am going to try to confirm but i think this is the mod chip he is using

I will see if I can't get more details.

If any of your are from the maryland area i would recomend that you attend the next meeting. It was a blast!
Big names such as JLehnert
How many beers did you have there? :) The only "big" I qualify for is my ever increasing waistline. :D And the food served at the meeting didn't help any....Yum!

Three of the items that I picked up (in addition to the ones you did) were the movement of many of the windows gui features (ie column sorting) into the web gui. Also HS now only redraws the part of the screen the changes, instead of the entire screen. Finally moving the speech control portion out to client apps allows a lot of flexibility. As the speech client now runs on other PCs, you can have multiple voice recognition sessions going, ie one for you in the home office, one for mom in the kitchen (yeh, I know. I'm a sexist ;) ) another for the kids wherever. Theoritically, you could even run it over broadband from another house/building.

As you said, a very nice meeting.