Master Hub Install


Hi Eric,

I received a master hub and sensors from hobby-boards this afternoon (Thank you). I've got everything connected, but I haven't been successful yet in getting any data.

OneWireViewer finds the hub and it's 3 main DS2409s just fine, but it's not discovering any sensors (Temp,Humidity) daisy-chained off of them.

I'm using standard Cat5 with standard RJ-45 connectors.

What simple little thing have I overlooked?
The OneWireViewer only searches the first level for devices, it doesn't look on each branch of the DS2409 in the hub. So what you need to do is to click on each of the DS2409s in turn and then click the second tab on the right hand side of the screen (I don't remember what it is named. There will be main and aux that shows up on the bottom of the right side of the screen. You can turn on either branch by clicking the button below it. Only one (either main or aux) branch of the DS2409 can be on at once.

Once you get to the branch that has more devices attached then they will show up on the left side of the screen.

Hopefully my instructions were not too confusing. Please ask if you have any other questions.