Max Monitor Cable Lenght


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What is the "smartest" way to connect up a touchscreen monitor to a computer located possible about 100-150 feet or more (total cable length) away?

I assume cable length will affect video quality, right? Is there any "converter" that could be used to extend the working cable lenght and yet keep the touch screen operation and clarity?

Comments appreciated.

I think you can either run a VGA cable (150' is pushing it) or use a Gefen extender with Cat5e. The extender will cost around $200 but cable may be close for a decent quality one. Then you need to run the TS controller cable - either serial or USB. Serial will probably be cheaper but it depends what the controller is in your TS.
For the touch controller I suggest using Serial for that distance. You can run it over CAT5 without boosting the signal. USB will need a good signal booster/amplifier to hit that distance.