Maxbotix MaxSonar-EZ1 Data Collection


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I have purchased a few Maxbotix MaxSonar-EZ1 High Performance Sonar Modules. I have noticed that a few of the members here have also purchased or experimented with these devices. I love mine. I have been testing it out with the simple configuration of having the device communicate directly to me PC via hyper terminal to gather and collect data. This device is very affective for this type of application.

Is there a way to collect data from two of these devices with only one serial port?

The only way that I can think of is some how tell the devices to not take constant measurements and wait to be asked for measurement. This would involve some how naming them and asking a specific device for their readings. Then ask the other after the data has been collected.

I know it would be easier to just have two serial ports, but if there is a way to do this then I think many people could use these in many different ways to solve many problems.

I just had a thought, is there a way to change the output of these devices. I know the default is R then the inches in distance (R123). Could you change the R to something else to help distinguish the differences?
The focus of the additional interface card is to relieve PC CPU burden. There is only burden when ranging is commanded and then it is only a 9600 baud data stream which is slow by today's computer standards. I believe the FAQ does show a daisy chain to assure only one device is ranging at time to prevent interference and this should be interfaced through a single port, but never looked real close. It would also be simple to add relay type control based upon the PC DTR/RTS to switch/enable one of a set of these sensors.