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MCE Machine with Celeron


Senior Member
I've been going back and forth on xbox extenders and the like. New you can get a Forza package for about $179 and then add the MCE extension for $29, or you can buy on ebay and probably get one for around $110 or so plus $29 for the MCE extension.

I was wondering, what about building a cheap Celeron PC as an MCE machine? I have not finished but it seemed like I could put one together for somewhere around $400 (granted more than the above). But I would get the best of everything (all mce pvr functions, shared video off the main system, and a pc for browsing).

If the output was converted to component and shared I then have PC access distributed through the house as well (just adding the one for me would cover me, but the concept could be repeated if needed).

Any issue with a celeron based machine for non living room viewing? I see plently of MCE machines being sold like this. I have to finish the parts list, but was curious what people thought of this.