MCE or Beyond TV?


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Ok... looking to hear from people that have used both MCE and Beyond TV that could give me an honest opinion of the pros and cons of each. I currently use MCE but I also have a copy of Beyond TV. I also would like to use my MCE remote and receiver with Beyond TV if I decide to go that route. MCE is working ok but it tends to crash on me a couple times a week. I have a PVR-500 dual tuner as well as a VBOX Cat's Eye DTA-150 ATSC Terrestrial HDTV Receiver for OTA HD. I would imagine Beyond TV will support both those tuner cards.

Please don't respond with SageTV info as I am looking for a choice between MCE and Beyond TV because that is what I own for now. I got Beyond TV free after rebate so that is why I own it.

Lastly for those that have used both... is there problems installing Beyond TV onto a MCE box? Will it mess MCE up. If so I could image the drive before I try it.


I would image the drive anyways, and do a system restore backup, but it should be fine. I have tried an older version of Beyond TV on my MCE box about a year ago, and I had no problems at all. I don't remember why I liked MCE better at the time, so I'll refrain from judging since I am sure Beyond TV has been improved since then.