MCE w/ Homeseer?


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Ok guys I have just installed Media Center 2005 on an AMD 3000+ w/2GB or RAM and 200GB drive. Its working fine but I still need to learn all the ropes using it.

I was wondering who here is running MCE and Homeseer 1.7 on the same PC? What are the pros and cons to doing so. My Homeseer setup is not all that complex. Just want to hear what you guys think.

This doesn't answer your question, but I'm curious...

So you already have the MCE plugin then? I have MCE but basically gave up with any full blown automation interfaces to it after I found out Main Lobby was a no-go.

Did you try out MControl? It has a good interface with MCE though no hooks into Homeseer. All you need is a CM11 interface with your MCE machine.
I posed a similar question earlier on and the recommendation I recieved was to not run it on the same machine, especially if you are using the recording features.