mControl Trial Availability


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Surrey, BC - June 13, 2005

Embedded Automation has just made mControl available as a free trial download from their website at Designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005, mControl is able to be viewed on any TV set* and can be controlled by a single remote control. As such, mControl provides a centralized portal from which one can access and control all of their home automation. Furthermore, as part of the MCE environment mControl is very intuitive and easy to operate.

Maury Lum, Product Line Manager at Embedded Automation, shared the company’s satisfaction with being able to make mControl available to the public. "Today marks a significant milestone for us as we have been focusing our work on the development of a solid architecture, good base set of functionality, and an appealing user interface (UI) for mControlâ€. With these aspects now in place, the company stated that incorporating additional functionality, supporting other protocols, and releasing the product for commercial availability are their new targets. “With our strong foundation these refinements can be incorporated relatively quickly and easilyâ€, Lum said.

The initial release of mControl supports the popular X10 protocol which has millions of installed nodes world wide. X10 modules are convenient to set up from within mControl and can be organized into zones for simplified management. Commands can then be issued via mControl that work to ultimately control the devices on the other end. The current version of mControl also comes equipped with macros for enhanced home automation and control.

* mControl also can be viewed on any computer monitor

Download the trial
I will check with my contact. I installed the trial already, and will try to post a review tonight.
Looks like they are still working on the MSRP pricing, but they will let me know ASAP.