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Well I guess I should post here too :)

I am a big home automation fan, I run Homeseer and try to interface my entire house as much as I can (what's cooler than the house telling you when the clothes are done, or when you forgot to close the garage door!). Someday soon, I will be building my own RC/Robo mower (gas powered) and drive my wife really crazy!

I also like tinkering with DVR/PVR's (whatever people like to call them), I personally run Windows MCE 2004, and absolutely love it, but I also like MythTV and myHTPC.

Some of my other favorite subjects: Aviation, Space and my wife!
:lol: sounds good, I am stuck in the same situation, I would need 4 robomowers just to be able to mow the grass the same day. I was thinking of building a system which would allow to safely refuel itself (interchangeable gastanks, the size of plastic milk bottles), but even without that it would be a big help. I am surprised they haven't come up with this yet, batteries just won't do it in environment where these things are really useful.
ahhh. That's where the robotics kick in. When the unit senses a specified battery level, she will look for a local recharging station. There could be more than one based on area to be covered. Docking stations,which believe me is above my level of comprehension, are really common in the robotics field.

I remember reading in high school, we won't mention how long ago that was, about all these types of systems. I can't believe that stuff like this isn't avail in the local Quiky Mart now-a-days! :lol:
There is already a mower that does that (huskvana), but the charging of the batteries takes so long the grass would already start growing and they are expensive.
Still working in the mower refuling system? Don't change tanks. Do refuling like the military planes do in-flight instead. If they can stick the refueling hose into the tank opening while flying you sure can do better! Just make sure that the tank fuel opening is wide enough. Once the mower is docked into the refueling station then you can turn on the refueling pump, or program it do refuel automatically by gas level. Cool!
I don't see why you can't just make the John Deere mower a robot device. Big gas tank, on-board battery and charging system, it's all ready to be robotized! Steering subsystem, sonar obstacle avoidance system, emergency brake and engine kill system, you could even bury the boundary wires around the property like you need for the other mowers if you want. Heck, just get one of those mower units and retrofit it to the JD!

It could even snowblow the drive by itself in the winter! Not as neat as a heated driveway system, but it sure would make your neighbors look twice! Just be sure to put a big kill button on the intake of the auger section! ;-)
lol, I totally forgot about that project. I got a big JD now, so it isn't as bad anymore, but I have seen people who implemented RC control on their tractor (and they put a big stuffed bunny on the drivers seat lol), looked like it would work well. Once I have the financial means, I'll give this a shot, but won't be for a while.

I am wondering if I can use RFID as a navigation device since it seems to be so sensitive (still have invisible fences, but use RFID to mow in patterns etc).