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Measuring/monitoring internet speed?


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I have an Asus router that has a speed monitor.  I ran a speed test and the site 3 - 6 Mbps (it varied each time I ran it) but the monitor in the router only showed max of about 1 Mbps for the same time period.  Was using the "real time" monitor that graphs the last 10 minutes.  Any idea why they are so different.  If anything I would have expected the router to show a higher rate if other PCs were doing things at the time.  What's the best way to get an honest number for my speed?


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Router is showing MBps and speed tests are showing Mbps.  Given that they line up fairly close.  Still seeing about 50% of advertised speed on my DSL line a lot of the time and not happy about that.


You can get very granular with the DSL reports speed test if you are a member of DSLReports.  I have been a member since DSLReports since the the 1990's.
You can do extensive testing over a period of time...days or weeks to check your ISP stuff.
Try the
1 Smokeping your IP test.
Intensively monitor your connection for 24 or more hours to review packet loss and/or excessive latency variability -- from multiple global locations
2 - Line Quality Ping Test
Score out of 100 for latency, jitter and packet loss to your connection. Identify any problems en-route to you.
Testing here from London VPN server right now...
The test request is now queued.

It will take at least 4 minutes to complete.
You will get a site message when it is done. Results are archived in your Test History page.


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Another approach is to participate with SamKnows.  This is a project to sample and quantify real network speeds.  Participating users connect a SamKnows "Whitebox" to their network.  Periodically, it runs a speed test although it tries to avoid using your connection when you are.  Monthly, you get a summary report of throughput speed with your service provider.  Service providers pay to get anonymized reports of their network performance.
I've been involved since at least 2015.